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How I Can Help


As a Humanistic Integrative Counsellor, I offer a safe environment based on support and empathy, encouraging discussion without barriers. I will actively listen and support you in unravelling your conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings. Whilst my counselling style is non-directive, you will feel enabled to draw from our collaborative working relationship. 

The objective of our sessions will be to forge a beneficial, strong and collaborative relationship. To reach an understanding of the underlying reasons for your feelings, enabling you to reassess and make the right choices for you.

At our initial session we will explore what has brought you to counselling and build a strategy for how we may work together. For us to build a therapeutic relationship, it is important that by the end of the assessment you feel that we will be able to connect on an emotional level  and that you feel you will benefit  from our continued working together.


I specialise in supporting clients wishing to work on their emotional wellbeing, in the following area's.

Please click on the links below for further information:



I am based in Bushey WD23. 

I am happy to accept new clients on:

Mondays - 0900 - 2000

Tuesdays - 0900 - 2000 

Wednesdays - 0900 - 2000

Fridays - 0900 - 1500

Saturdays - 0900 - 1200

Please feel free to contact me by clicking here and I will arrange an initial consultation.

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