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Sometimes depression can creep up on us without our realising it. The symptoms may include exhaustion, an inability to achieve quality sleep, a lack of energy, loss of appetite and a gradual disconnect from those around us. The occasional duvet day becomes more inviting until a point when we cannot muster the energy to get out of bed.


Negative thinking is a primary symptom of depression.


When suffering with depression you may be seeing life through a lens which seems to be covered in black paint and can be very disconcerting.


You are zapped of energy and do not have the get up and go about your life as you do normally. Consider this, if you had broken your leg, would you accept that you need to rest to get well? It is the same when suffering from depression except we do not have a plaster cast or any visible symptom. Depression is a biological illness with real symptoms.


Although talking about yourself when you are depressed may be the last thing you want to do, taking those first steps can be the beginning of the road to recovery.

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